Smart usage of service desk software by small and medium size (SMB) organizations

The use of service desk software is common practice in large organizations. Simply because it allows them to get total control over their help desk and ITIL processes. Service can be provided to the organization in a consistent and pre-defined manner. Service Desk Software, help desk software offer incredible benefits to the small and medium sized companies as well. Especially the tools become more advanced and various highly advanced tools are available at a very affordable price. As it might be overkill for a small company with perhaps 10 employees there are many ideas to use the software even for companies of this size.

This white paper discusses 7 ideas which help to leverage and even create an income generator with service desk software. Just think a bit beyond the general usage and the ideas are limitless.

Download the document and get some great idea's. The white paper will tell you more about:

  • Implementation of a help desk
  • Automatic processing of incoming email into tickets and with possible answers
  • Bundling of sales-purchase-delivery in a single tool
  • Generate a source of income with service desk software
  • Return of goods and material
  • Set up of complaint management processes
  • Customer survey – Learn from your customer

Download the full story here. No need to leave your details.

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