IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Network Management / Service Desk Software Integration

IncidentMonitor™'s ITIL Network Management interface gives you the option to easily integrate the Service Desk and your network monitoring tools. IncidentMonitor™ provides an easy to configure, open interface which will allow you to integrate any network management monitoring solution; and simultaneously integrate multiple monitoring systems with the service desk.


Network events will be processed by IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Service Desk Software and immediately create a service desk ticket. The ticket will be a managed using your automated assignment process, SLAs and service policies (Time to Respond, Time to Resolve, etc.). SLAs and service policies will be applied to the ticket using IncidentMonitor™'s leading Service Level Management engine. Network Management events can also be configured to automatically create white board items for mass communication to the user community.

Integrating IncidentMonitor™ Service Desk Software with your network monitoring solution will improve IT's support of critical business systems and demonstrate IT's value to the business.

IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Service Management Network Management Flexibility

The Network Management interface provides many avenues for easy integration of any off-the-shelf Network Management and Monitoring Tool and the Service Desk within IncidentMonitor™. Our approach is to elevate the awareness from simple hardware SLAs to a more comprehensive Business Service Management (BSM) approach through our Asset Management (CMDB/CI) associations and Service Matrix.

All options for complete management of the event within IncidentMonitor™, are available - for example:

  • Notifying the assigned technician
  • SLAs and OLAs defined to manage the event
  • Executing work flow required to manage the event over its life cycle.
  • Automatic association of the network node which caused the event to the request. This enables direct impact assessment for other business processes

IncidentMonitor™ Service Desk Network Management will manage updates from the monitoring system to consolidate, disregard or close the request/white board created.

IncidentMonitor™ Network Management Software Features

  • Quickly integrates with any event monitoring solution such as Tivoli, IBM Director, Snappimon, Solar Winds, SCOM, etc..
  • Integrating with an unlimited number of monitoring network monitoring systems
  • Complimentary Microsoft SCOM connector for bidirectional communication

SCOM connector service desk software

  • Flexible rules to support assignment, notification and required work flow to resolve an event
  • Events will be consolidated, archived or closed based on information for the event
  • CIs (such as a service or system) can be associated with the request
  • Out of box metrics are available. Reports can be can be scheduled to be executed and emailed/filed

dashboard network management issues

ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.