IncidentMonitor™ ITIL® Service Desk and Help Desk Software Features

We understand that your company's service management requirements will change. We believe that you should NOT be locked into a vendor that charges you a lot of money to implement application features to support your changing requirements. Over the years, we have added significant features to IncidentMonitor™. New features are available to our customers at no additional cost. This is just one of the many ways IncidentMonitor™ and Monitor 24-7 are unique in the service management field.

Browse through the pages and see if we meet your needs. We are sure that we will exceed your expectations. And...if you don't see the feature you are looking for. Ask us. We simply cannot list all of the application's features!

We've organized the features into areas so you can see the features that are particular to a specific area.

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ITIL Workflow and Service Catalogue Form Designer
IncidentMonitor Service Desk Software offers a workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced process flows within a few clicks. Combine this Graphical designer with our Graphical Service Catalogue Form Designer and you get the most advanced and flexible solution.