IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Software Growing on B&H

The Challenge

B&H needed to quickly implement a solution that could help it to prioritize help desk tasks, stay compliant with its software licenses while avoiding overspending, and act as a safeguard for system critical changes.

The IncidentMonitor™ Key Benefits

  • Rapid implementation that did not put a maintenance burden on organization
  • Ability to prioritize Help Desk tasks based on skill set and severity of issue
  • Asset Management system maintains B&H’s software compliance and helps keep costs to a minimum

IncidentMonitor™ the Logical Choice for Niagara

Customer service is extremely important to B&H - it’s a vital part of their corporate ethos. In fact, a recent article in Inc. magazine went as far as to suggest that superb customer service is why B&H is not only surviving but thriving in this harsh economy, while competitor Circuit City went out of business. There’s demand for virtually zero downtown in the Manhattan store, and B&H also operates a call centre where they try to deliver the highest quality service to their customers. “As such, the response times for when something breaks down was very important to the business”.

  • IncidentMonitor™ offers skills-based routing
  • IncidentMonitor™ offers the sophistication without the complexity
  • IncidentMonitor™ offers in-depth understanding of the issues

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