NCI grows Service Desk support with IncidentMonitor™

The Challenge

When Anthony McBride assumed the role of Manager, Help Desk Operations for NCI Building Systems in Houston, Texas, in 2004, one of the first orders of the day was to improve efficiencies for the IT support help desk team. After extensive searching for a software that could provide the capabilities he needed - including ITIL compliance and supporting Sarbanes Oxley requirements - he chose IncidentMonitor™ from Monitor 24-7.

The IncidentMonitor™ Advantage

McBride says there were a number of reasons for choosing IncidentMonitor™ as his help desk software of choice.

  • The feature rich software
  • Ease of administration
  • All round functionality and ease of integration
  • Its robustness and flexibility
  • Low cost of modifications
  • Strong consulting support

He has since found that IncidentMonitor™ is very proactive in introducing additional features. In addition to the software capabilities, McBride felt that Monitor 24-7 also provided the strongest support and industry knowledge. “They were able to answer any of my questions and to deliver proof of concepts. If I phoned their support people, they always got back to me right away. I really felt that I could believe in the people and their product. And they were great in showing me how to accomplish what I wanted. They definitely deserved my business.”

Fast Results

  • Working with Monitor 24-7, the application was up and running within five days
  • Tthe flexibility of IncidentMonitor™ has proven itself time and again. “There is always someone new in the company asking for us to make a modification so they can use the software in their department.
  • As far as internal efficiency is concerned, McBride says IncidentMonitor™ has made everyone’s life a lot easier through its skills-based routing capabilities. “Deployment was so easy and the learning curve is very short."
  • IncidentMonitor™ is also playing a key role in maintaining
    Service Level Agreements - a key part of NCI’s Help
    Desk performance.

I took a chance with IncidentMonitor™ and I won,” says McBride. “We use every module it has. This software is only limited by my imagination. If I can think of something new, IncidentMonitor™ can do it. And if I don’t know how to make it do what I want, Monitor 24-7 will figure it out and tell me how. “The biggest thing for me though was Monitor 24-7’s commitment to me as a customer,” he concludes.

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